Miracle at the Higher Ground Cafe

September 23, 2014

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe
By: Max Lucado, Eric Newman & Candace Lee
176 Pages
Christian Fiction

Chelsea Chambers is on her own. After a public split from her NFL superstar husband, Chelsea takes a bold step out of the limelight and behind the counter of the Higher Grounds Café, an old-fashioned coffee shop in dire need of reinvention. But when her courage, expert planning, and out-of-this-world cupcakes fail to pay the bills, this newly single mom finds herself desperate for help. Better yet, a miracle.
Then a curious stranger lands at Chelsea's door, and with him, an even curiouser string of events. Soon, customers are flocking to the Higher Grounds Café, and not just for the cupcakes and cappuccino. They've come for the internet connection to the divine. Now the café has become the go-to place for people in search of answers to life's biggest questions.
When a catastrophe strikes and her ex comes calling, Chelsea begins to wonder if the whole universe is conspiring against her quest to make it on her own. After a shocking discovery opens her eyes to the unseen world around her, Chelsea finds the courage to ask, and heaven answers in a most unexpected way. -- publisher's description
Max Lucado has made a name for himself within the Christian world as a force to be reckoned with in Bible Studies. Many praise his writing and how beautiful it is. Not ever having done one of his Bible Studies, I came into this fiction book with a blank canvas. Blank and in desperate need of a good book to take me away. It didn't take me long to realize Miracle at the Higher Ground Cafe delivered.
Readers are quickly introduced to Chelsea. As if she doesn't already have enough on her plate (impending divorce, running the cafe she inherited from her Mother), she's now got to make room for a heavy IRS tax bill. One that must be paid within 30 days. At the rate Chelsea's going, she's going to need a miracle to be the next thing to come through her cafe door. But would she recognize one, if it did?
Enter The God Blog. The Higher Grounds Cafe becomes a direct connection with the Almighty above, and customers line up to ask Him their one question- and get an answer to it. Throw in employee extraordinaire, Manny (aka Chelsea's Guardian Angel), coffee artist Katrina, and you have the magic combination that saves The Higher Grounds Cafe. 
But, like with all good books, the good story has to have it's share of obstacles. And Chelsea has several in her way- including herself. Ex-husband-to-be, Sawyer, comes to town wanting to fix the family he broke. Chelsea isn't in the forgiving state of mind, but Sawyer refuses to give up. It will take a miracle to give this family a happy ending.Che;sea's father has been a source of emotional strain for most of her life. Caught up in his own selfish desires, her father left scars that were more than emotional. With him within reach, can a miracle bring a father and daughter back together?
Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe will keep you looking for the next miracle within it's pages. You will curl up in this book and get lost within the pages. I didn't want to put it down, and I didn't want it to end. I loved this touching story so much, I'm hoping there's a sequel. I enjoyed all the characters, and becoming friends with them as I watched their stories unfold. 
Curl up with a cozy blanket, a couple of cookies, and read the magic that is Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe.


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