The Look of Love

November 25, 2014

The Look of Love
By: Sarah Jio
286 Pages

Jane Williams may not be one of the few women who struggle in the love department. However, she is one of the rare women who has the ability to see love before her eyes. That's right. She's able to tell if a couple having dinner really love each other, or are just going through the motions. But now that she's been made aware of this gift, she has a challenge she must meet. Identify the 6 types of love, or her gift will become a curse that will prevent her from ever having real love in her life. 

I have to say, that I felt Sarah Jio wrote a different kind of book than I'm used to her writing. While it did take me longer to get into this book, once I did, it was a marvelous read. 

Jane has been seeing a neurologist most of her life for blurred vision. Going on the theory that she has a tumor on part of her brain, Jane never had any reason to doubt what her doctor told her. Yet, everything changes when she receives a random card on her birthday- from a lady she has never met. Upon meeting Colete Dubois, Jane learns that her blurred vision has nothing to do with a tumor, and everything to do with a gift she received from Colette on the day she was born, Jane can see love. Now she has one year to identify six types of love within her life. If she fails to do it, then she will never know love in her own life. 

It isn't long before the lives around her start demonstrating various examples of love. Everything from adulterous love, to love with a stranger, Jane begins to see it all. And Jane isn't the only one who will discover love during the year she has. Her brother introduces her to a friend, and a connection grows. However, like many types of love, all is not smooth sailing for them. Can they overcome the obstacles they encounter? Will they be a type of love?

While I admit to not enjoying this book as much as her other books, Sarah Jio has written a book that you will want to read. The idea of being able to see love in front of you has such potential, how can you not see what story it will unfold?! It may not be a book you can't put down, but you will want to see what happens and how each love scenario plays out.


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