Geared For The Grave

December 2, 2014

Geared For The Grave
By: Duffy Brown
304 Pages

Evie Bloomfield is desperate for a job promotion. So desperate she has agreed to go help her boss's father. What she didn't know before leaving was that getting Rudy's Rides back on it's feet was going to take her on the ride of her life. Mackinac Island is not what Evie thought it would be, and when a loathed, but wealthy, resident is found dead by Evie, everything changes. Suddenly, being the new "fudgie" in town is the least of Evie's worries.

Readers!!! I'm so excited to share this first book in a series with you!! If you love cozy mysteries, you will want to check out Geared For The Grave. If you are a fan of the unbelievably talented Duffy Brown, you will love her newest series! Her writing style is fun and full of spunk. She knows how to bring the characters to life. I felt that early on in the book, the characters stopped being "characters", and felt more like people I interact with often. I didn't want to stop reading them!!

Duffy Brown has created a new world to get to know on Mackinac Island. Here Rudy has his bicycles-to-rent shop, Rudy's Rides. However, as quaint as the island may seem, (did I mention there are no cars allowed on the island?) Rudy's life is about to go from bad to worse. Several residents would like to see his shop close. One lady, Bunny, was rather vocal about her desires to have him closed down. The fact that Rudy wasn't a fan of Bunny's wasn't a well hidden island treasure, either. So, when Bunny is found dead, it doesn't take long before Rudy becomes the prime suspect.

Evie is on Mackinac Island to help Rudy, but also get a much wanted promotion at work. Helping the boss's father has to count for something, right? However, Evie had no clue what she was walking into. Before long her, and her "black cloud", are in thick of things. Trying to prove Rudy's innocence won't be easy since she's the new girl. And "fudgies" aren't embraced that much.

You are going to love the characters. You are going to love the hilarious lines and sayings! I was giggling, laughing, and chuckling my way through the whole book! I didn't want to put it down, or finish it! You have Irish Donna and her thick Irish accent. Irma is one of many who own a fudge store. However, her no good husband left her for the competition- taking with him their recipes. Watching Irma come out of her shell reminded me that, sometimes, revenge is sweet. You will find Rudy as a big teddy bear. And you will melt at the tension between Evie and the temporary Police Chief with a background of his own, Nate Sutter. Did I mention there's a resident who has been nicknamed Jason Bourne? Just wait until you find out why! 

I hope you rush out and buy this wonderful book! Curl up and get acquainted with Mackinac Island, Evie, and all the island residents. You are in for such a fun treat! (Just stir clear of the fish sticks, if you know what I mean.)  You will love Geared For The Grave as much as I did. I'm looking forward to the next installment in this delightful series!! 

P.S.- if you are new to the delightful Miss Duffy Brown, I highly recommend you read her other series, The Consignment Shop series. You will love this series and all it's Southern Charms!

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