Explosive Eighteen

March 12, 2012

Explosive Eighteen
By: Janet Evanovich
305 Pages

Stephanie is slipped a photo without her knowing. Turns out the photos is more than just a picture. Hired thugs are chasing her down to get it.

Once upon time a I looked forward to the Stephanie Plum releases. I waited impatiently to read what new adventures Stephanie and company would find themselves into. I couldn't wait for the laughter and hilarity to begin. However, I fear those days are fading fast.

Not only did this book fall way short of my Stephanie Plum expectations, it was an anti-climatic storyline followed by an anti-climatic ending. My favorite characters have always been Grandma Mazor and Lula, and both were off their game this time around.

The story line's in the book were barely there and easily forgettable. There was little to no of the magic that made this series the smash it was. As usual, the love triangle between Stephanie, Joe, and Ranger is still in effect and makes no progress. Stephanie has botched attempts at getting her FTAs, but none of them were funny this time around. In fact, I got annoyed with Stephanie for putting up with the crap she does.

Joyce comes back in a storyline that had potential. She was trying to sell information to a group of jewel thieves. Thinking they wanted her dead, she goes into hiding. Turns out she wasn't on their radar and they aren't what she thought they were.

I've never been so disappointed in the Stephanie Plum series as I am with Explosive Eighteen.

Rating: Borrow From The Library/ Return It if You Bought It!


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