How To Eat A Cupcake

March 1, 2012

How To Eat A Cupcake
By: Meg Donohue
270 Pages

...what happens when two childhood friends, Annie and Julia, reconnect as adults and decide to open a cupcakery. But success in their new baking business venture will depend upon their overcoming old betrayals, first loves, and an unexpected and quite dangerous threat. --

Annie and Julia literally grew up together. The two were inseparable all through their childhoods, but things changed once they entered High School. Annie is painfully aware that she's the daughter of the help surrounded by wealthy kids. Things go from bad to worse when she's accused of stealing things belonging to other students. She's placed on suspension, and her college of choice is notified. The future she holds so dear suddenly hangs in the balance. Was she right in assuming it was Julia who started the rumors of Annie being the school thief?

Before everything could be resolved, and her name cleared, Annie's beloved Mother dies. Now there is no reason to stay. Once she's able, she goes to her college and Julia goes to hers. Never the two shall meet again, if Annie has her way.

A decade passes and Annie has been asked to cater a party for the wealthy Lolly St. Clair- Julia's Mother. To further the shock of being back in the house she swore never to set foot in again is seeing Julia there as well. Julia is back at home planning her wedding. However, there's more to her moving back home than anyone knows. Life in New York came to a screeching halt for Julia, landing her in the hospital. No one knows she was even there, and no one knows why she was there- not even her fiance, Wes. What secret is she withholding? Will she ever get the nerve to tell Wes the truth behind it?

After eating one of Annie's cupcakes that Julia has hidden after the party, she has an ingenious idea: She & Julia could open a cupcakery! Annie isn't as enthusiastic and rejects Julia's offer. However, she later changes her mind and agrees. While Annie is the reluctant partner, there is someone who is dead set against the idea.

While planning and opening Treat, incidents begin to occur. From graffiti being sprayed on their counters, to throwing a rock at the front window, the incidents grow more serious. Mild scare tactics don't stay mild, but take a dangerous turn. Who is doing all of this? Why are they against the store? Is it someone they both know? Could the mysterious hooded man be the culpret or is a saving grace in disguise?

Throw in the guy from high school Annie had a crush on, but Julia dated and you have a wonderful reunion that is screaming for cupcakes. Jake is now pursuing Annie, but doesn't turn down meeting up with Julia for drinks at bars. One meeting goes too far when Annie catches the two in a kiss. Does it matter who kissed who? Can she forgive them?

This book was fun to read. I will admit that during the reading of this book I had to buy cake mix, but that's beside the point. I enjoyed reading about the turbulent relationship Annie and Julia had. It was interesting to see what wedges drove the two apart, and how they were able to get passed them. I was caught off-guard by a few surprises. How To Eat A Cupcake was a very nice and welcome distraction to my stressful weekend. I must warn you: don't read this book without a plate of cupcakes with you. It just makes the reading all the better.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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