Call Me Mrs. Miracle

September 24, 2013

Call Me Mrs. Miracle
By: Debbie Macomber
395 Pages

Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Beloved author, Debbie Macomber, is bringing the Christmas spirit early this year. Call Me Mrs. Miracle is a well loved book among her fans, but this time around, it also comes with her another Christmas story, The Christmas Basket. Both stories illustrate Debbie's wonderful talent of telling loving stories that touch your heart strings. 

Call Me Mrs. Miracle has Emily Merkle coming back to work her magic. Jake Finely hasn't celebrated Christmas in over 20 years. His Mother and Sister dying in a car accident on Christmas Eve put an end to the holiday for both his Father and himself. However, their successful store, Finelys, makes Christmas look like a dreamland. Mrs. Merkle (Mrs. Miracle by a mysterious human resources typo) is a season employee ready to change the future of both Jake and his father. First, they have to find a way to sell all the 500 toy robots Jake ordered after his gut feeling told him it would be the toy of the season. (His Father was less than pleased.)

Holly Larson has temporary custody of her nephew, Gabe, while her brother is in Afghanistan. After a little time getting used to the arrangement, Aunt and Nephew are doing well. Her life changes when she goes to buy her favorite latte, only to realize she doesn't have the money to pay for it. Step in her Starbucks hero- Jake Finely. He pays for her drink, and the reason for Mrs. Miracle arrival have now met each other.

Holly is determined to make this Christmas a memorable one for Gabe, so she scrimps and saves money to get him the one toy he really wants- a $250 robot. A wrench is thrown into her plans when she overhears her boss saying she'll be the only employee to not get a bonus this year. 

With help from Mrs. Miracle, the toys get sold and love arrives to two deserving people. Broken hearts are mended, futures are set into motion- all at the hands of Debbie Macomber. 

The Christmas Basket
Forgiving is the theme of this Christmas tale. Longtime friends turned enemies force their bitterness onto the lives of their families. 

Sarah McDowell and Mary Sutton had been the best of friends for as long as they could remember. But all that changes when Sarah borrows Mary's irreplaceable family heirloom tea set and it's stolen. The lie cuts deep and the friends are never able to get past it. A bitter rivalry is born. After 20 years of bad mouthing each other, but avoiding each other, they are put together to make Christmas Baskets for their Women's Club. After two rather embarrassing encounters in stores- one ending with them being escorted out by security guards, things come to a head during an ice storm. Forgiveness comes at the hands of Mother Nature and Scotch while the abandoned duo wait to be rescued.

Noelle McDowell hasn't been home in years. She left with a broken heart when a planned elopement with Thom Sutton doesn't happen. Both were deeply in love, and both blame the other for the reason their love ended badly. And both keep running into each other.

When they finally talk things out, it's learned a misunderstanding was behind all the heartache. Determined to make their relationship work this time around. The only obstacle they have is their Mothers. 

Once again, Debbie Macomber delivers heartwarming stories and lovable characters. You are invested in each story and each character. You going through all the emotions the characters are, and you are as excited as they are when the happy ending arrives.

Merry Christmas, Debbie Macomber style!


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