New Cozy Mystery Series To Love!!

September 22, 2013

When it comes to the cozy mystery genre, there are some authors who just stand out. Like Laura Childs and Lorna Barrett, Jenn McKinlay has made a name for herself writing books readers can't devour soon enough. Many readers love getting their sugar high from her Cupcake Bakery series. I fell in love with her Library Lover's series. (I am anxiously awaiting for the November release for the next one.) Well, this talented author with several series already on her full plate has added another: her Hat Shop Mystery series!! 

Cloche And Dagger takes you overseas to London, England. Not only is this where legendary hat shop Mim's Wims is located, but it's where Scarlett Parker is going to escape the chaos her life has become in Florida. Having found out the boyfriend who said he was separated really wasn't, and walking into the anniversary party he through for the wife he said he no longer had would be enough for anyone. Having video of you throwing chunks of the very expensive cake in the boyfriend's face go viral, introduces you to notoriety- complete with morning shows wanting you to be a guest. So, when her cousin, Vivian, tells her hightail it to London Scarlett goes. 

Surrounded by fun secondary characters, Scarlett isn't new to the neighborhood for long. While the fun loving couple opening their own art studio just down from Mim's Wims, to the old childhood friend Scarlett stood up, Harrison, and may be still holding a grudge. You will have fun meeting everyone- even the characters who don't stick around too long. 

I can't wait for the next book in this fun series to come out. Death of a Mad hatter will be in bookstores (and on my bookshelf) in May 2014.


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