An April Bride by Lenora Worth

March 25, 2014

What would you do if the man you were supposed to marry, came back from his deployment and couldn't remember you? That's what Stella was going now going through. 

Stella met Marshall when they were in kindergarten. They had gone all the way through school together and attended the same church. They'd been high school sweethearts who'd always planned to be married someday. While Marshall was deployed, Stella was in charge of the wedding preparations and wedding showers and everything involved in between. Marshall was to arrive home exactly a month before the wedding, but when he came home she quickly realized that he lost his memory. So what's a girl to do? They decide they would keep the wedding on as planned and would try and work it out. He goes back to his normal life and tries to remember the girl who is supposed to marry, and although he has some flashbacks which are a good thing, he also has some flashbacks/nightmares that scare him. Marshall is a good man and I liked him. He tries so hard to remember the past and the good times he had with Stella. He knew he was meant to be with her even though he can't remember how they fell in love. Even though I thought Stella was a little selfish at times and more concerned with herself, I ended up liking her in the end. I couldn't imagine being in his position! So it comes down to this - do Stella and Marshall go through with their wedding even though they both have some reservations about it?

I really enjoyed this book, it was both short and sweet. I have a soft soft for those serving our country and I can totally relate to this book since I'm sure this has happened to many couples. I look forward to reading more of the year of weddings!


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