Falling for the Wingman by Crista McHugh

March 3, 2014

Falling for the Wingman is the 3rd book in its series. However, I personally have not read the first 2 which didn't matter, I followed along beautifully! This book had me captivated from start to finish - even with working my normal 8 hour work schedule, and going to the gym, I still managed to finish the book in 2 days I couldn't put it down!

This story features Caleb Kelly, the 3rd of the 7 Kelly sons. Caleb is in the Air Force has just came back from a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan to find a note from the woman he loved, Kourtney Leadbetter, saying that she couldn’t be a girl waiting around for her man to get home. He was shocked, he was planning on marrying the girl! He was confused at this - throughout the entire 9 months he was deployed, they were exchanging emails so what happened? He fell in love with the woman who wrote those letters to him!

Kourtney Leadbetter is a blonde headed materialistic girl who likes to be perfect (ex. new boobs, new nose, and new chin). She loves to be the center of attention and have men fall all over her. Not getting any attention from Caleb, she moved on to Ryan who knew how to shower her with affection. A complete opposite of Kourtney is her sister Alex. Alex is a spunky tomboy, a read headed girl who is very laid back. Shortly after her dads passing, she took over his mechanic shop and was the local town favorite who everyone loved. Compared to her mom and sister, Alex was more of the “plain sister” and the outcast of the family. Despite growing up in Kourtney’s shadow, She very confident with herself and is a down to earth girl.

After Caleb receives his “Dear John” letter, he immediately got in his camaro and headed straight for Kourtney’s home in Alabama. However, when he arrives what does he find out? That Kourtney is engaged to Ryan McClure, one of the local rich kids, and are set to marry in less than a week. Alex, who has always had a thing for Caleb, develops a plan to be his wingman: this way he can make Kourtney jealous, perhaps win her back, and he would be able to get close enough to Kourtney so he could see what happened between the two. However, what Caleb doesn’t realize is those letters he was receiving from Kourtney, the ones that made him fall in love with her, were actually written by Alex. Does Alex tell him? Of course not, she wants him to be happy. So when Alex and Caleb get together to formulate their plan, sparks start to fly and that’s when confusion starts. Alex is secretly hoping that Caleb falls in love with her and realizes that he and his sister aren’t meant to be. She wanted to be a good wingman to show him what he was truly missing…her. As they were trying to get the rumor mill kicking, they acting loving in public and they would put on a show so people would assume they were a couple which would get back to Kourtney. However as time goes on, they start to feel a lot more than friendly vibes! Their chemistry was undeniable! I loved them together, they sizzled!
So will Caleb realize the woman he is meant to be with? And finally, will he get a happy ending? Since he doesn’t live in Alabama, will he be forced to ground his relationship with the girl he loves before it has even had a chance to take off? Living in two different states while each has made a home for themselves is not a good idea, but making a home with one another will make it all worthwhile.

One of my favorite quotes from this book, one in which Alex (under Kourtney’s name) wrote to Caleb while deployed, was this:

“Courage is doing what you know is right, even when you’re afraid. Hope is what gets us through the dark moments when we doubt ourselves. And love is what makes the impossible possible.”

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading more stories of the Kelly brothers!


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