Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry

April 30, 2014

Wow - what a story! I couldn't put it down - this was a cute and easy read that leaves you with a big smile on your face!

Can a guy and girl be just friends? That's the question. Well Nick and Jayne have been best friends since Kindergarten. Jayne's always loved Nick but being clueless as ever, he never knew. Jayne grew up with her Gran, who never loved her. She treated Jayne so horribly and forced her to move away right after high school. Jayne was away for about 12 years, only returning to attend the funeral of Abby, Nick's wife. After learning that Jayne's Gran passed away and left her the bookstore, Jayne returns and starts getting things in order for her to re-open (not realized that Gran left the place a completely disorganized mess!) Being a knight in shining armor that Nick is, he lets Jayne stay at his place while they clean up the bookstore (with a connecting apartment for her a quick 13 steps up a flight of stairs). As days pass and they start getting accustomed to one another's company, Nick starts to realize that he cares deeply for Jayne and when he starts referencing her as "my Jayne" he starts to question himself. However, his girlfriend Lisa is very caring and Jayne tries her best not to come between them. Can Jayne tell Nick how she feels without losing him? Will Nick realize how he feels about Jayne? 

This was my first book I read by Laura and I loved it!! It's such a great story and the way she describes the characters and how they feel is really captivating!This is a must read and you won't regret it!


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