The Day He Kissed Her by Juliana Stone

April 18, 2014

He can’t wait to leave…

Mac Draper finally has everything he’s always wanted: An amazing career. A New York City apartment. He’s this close to being free of his past forever. But a mind-blowing encounter with the sexy yet tough-as-nails Lily St. Clare has him delaying his plans to put Crystal Lake in his rearview mirror for good.

When I first read the summary, I was intrigued off the bat and I knew I had to read this book! At my first opportunity, I dived right into it! "The Day He Kissed Her" is the 3rd book in its series, the Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, but it works great as a stand alone novel - you catch on very quickly! When I first read about Mackenzie Draper, oh man was I hooked! The way Juliana described him had me picturing all sorts of hotness!
Mac Draper is a typical bachelor with the life he has always wanted: living in New York, getting any woman he wants, successful, and can come and go as he pleases! Mac had a hard upbringing: his father wasn’t shy in hurting him and he spent countless nights at his friends’ houses. However, he turned his life around and was making it happen for him.

During a family get together after he returns to Crystal Cove for the summer (to help his friend Jake on a project), he reconnects with Lily St. Claire. He first met Lily on New Year's Eve as a result of a one night stand. Lily St. Claire is somewhat of an heiress. She has a sister with a reputation of her own (not a good one at that), and she is very close to Jake who she bonded with after she lost her brother. So when Mac sees Lily he was immediately attracted to her again. He pursues her and is drawn to her to bees to honey! They mutually decided to start an exclusive but no strings attached relationship. Their chemistry is undeniable! However when they start to develop stronger feelings for one another, will it scare them away? Or will their family scare them away first?

I honestly couldn’t put this book down! It was captivating from start to finish. Juliana has a way of transitioning from Mac’s viewpoint to Lily’s flawlessly and the description she creates allows a reader to imagine the scene perfectly. I look forward to reading more books written by Juliana!


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