Always The Designer, Never The Bride

April 2, 2012

Always The Designer, Never The Bride
By: Sandra D. Brickner
319 Pages
Audrey is returning to Atlanta for her best friend's wedding. Then it's back to New York to figure out what she'll do about her failing wedding dress design business. However, her visit to Atlanta doesn't go the way she thought it would. From meeting the handsome J.R. to a surprise client that takes her business in a new direction, Audrey has the trip of her lifetime.
Book #2 in what I've dubbed as the Tanglewood Inn series is every bit as good as it's predecessor, Always The Planner, Never The Bride. I loved this installment every bit as much as I loved the first. Characters I loved meeting are back, and I got to meet a couple more that I love as much, too. Reading this series is a joy because Brickner creates such a wonderful family environment with all the characters. Always  The Designer, Never The Bride was a book that I curled up with and hated to put down. I loved every page of it.
Audrey Regan is a wedding dress designer who's business is on the verge of collapse. She attends her best friend, Carly's, wedding in Atlanta thinking she'll only be there for a couple of days. While visiting everyone, she hopes to nab a high profile client. Things don't work out, but she does meet a different bride with a wedding dress crisis as a favor. Little did Audrey know, this client was going to change her future.
I loved watching Audrey's life take one turn after another. She fights her attraction to Carly's brother-in-law, J.R. In the end, neither could walk away from what they felt, though they both tried. I loved seeing her fight for her business. Audrey tried to satisfy a spoiled brat of a client, but new how to gracefully bow out. As a favor, she agrees to meet with Lizette, a bride who's getting married in 3 weeks but has no dress. Audrey creates a one of a kind gown that gets the attention of a highly successful designer. She was a class act when she discovers what he's done with her work and ideas.

All of the supportive characters were fun to read. Andy and Sherilyn, from Always the Planner, Never The Bride, return. This time around they are pregnant. The staff at Tanglewood Inn are every bit as inviting as they were in the first book.

If you enjoy light books that make you feel good, then you will enjoy Always The Designer, Never The Bride. Reading this book was like revisiting old friends you haven't seen in a few years. That homey, comfortable feeling takes over and it's like you've never been apart. I thoroughly loved reading this book from beginning to end.

Rating: Buy It!


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