Comeback Love

April 3, 2012

Comeback Love
By: Peter Golden
290 Pages

Glenna & Gordon fall in love while she's going through medical school in the 1970s. 30 years after Gordon risks it all and goes to see her. Can they find the happy ending they didn't before? Or is closure all that awaits them both?

** Readers who are sensitive about the abortion subject may have trouble with this book. The subject plays a heavy roll within the story. **
It's the 1970s. Gordon Meyers has decided he wants to be a writer. Upon the advice of his Uncle Jerr, Gordon visits an editor at The Long Island Press. He's sent on an assignment to interview one of the medical students at Columbia doing abortion lobbying. Gordon is immediately taken with Glenna and they begin seeing each other.

As they fall in love and their relationship progresses  Glenna maintains her role with New York Medical Students for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. Motivated by a friend's death from infection after a back ally abortion, Glenna wants other women to avoid the same fate. AS time passes, life takes them in different directions. Ultimately, they split. 30 years later, Gordon shows up at her office and they catch up.

For the most part, Gordon just blends into her life. After awhile, he pursues he's writing passion. Sadly, I lost interest with their storyline. I fully admit that I had a difficult time with the abortion aspect. However, I ultimately got bored with their storyline for other reasons. After awhile, I got tired of nothing really moving ahead. I lost interest in what was happening with them, and then what would happen with them. A little over halfway through the book, I just no longer had any interest in the plot or the characters involved. I hate not reading a book in it's entirety, but I stopped reading the book when I no longer was invested in it. The 1970s has never been a time period I was drawn to. I was hoping this book would be the exception, but it wasn't.

Rating: Return It/Borrow From the Library


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