Mr. Darcy Forever

April 1, 2012

Mr. Darcy Forever
By: Victoria Connelly
314 Pages

Sisters are forever...
 Sarah and Mia Castle are closer than best friends and share just about everything, including a deep and abiding love for all things relating to Jane Austen. Their annual trip to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath is a highlight of their lives—until the year they discover that no matter how close two sisters may be, it's impossible to share one man between them. Even ifhe does seem like their own perfect Mr. Darcy, if one wins him, won' t both of them lose?

There are countless authors who use Jane Austen or her books as the focal plot of their own books. In recent years, I feel like I can't turn around without seeing another book who's plot is somehow connected to Jane Austen. Being a fan of hers myself, my curiousity has been peeked and I've tried several of them. Victoria Connelly has managed to do what none of them could: write a book about using Jane Austen in a way that I enjoyed. Mr. Darcy Forever is her second such book and, I hope, not her last.

Huge fans of Jane Austen, Sarah has arranged for them to spend a week in Barton Cottage- the actual cottage used in the 1995 film version of Sense & Sensibility. Sarah has plans of a sisters only trip full of bonding. All that goes down the drain when Mia literally bumps into Alec. Mia quickly falls for Alec and he has no problem encouraging her. All the while, Alec really has his sights set on Sarah. Sarah realizes she's fallen for him, as well, but refuses to act on it because of Mia.

Once the sisters go home, everything changes. Sarah begins talking to Alec over the phone. Things grow and they fall in love, have a relationship, and get engaged all before Mia ever finds out. Once Sarah tells her sister, Mia walks out. Three years later, you learn that Mia got pregnant from her one time with Alec and the marriage between Sarah and Alec ended in divorce when he could no handle her OCD.

Both sisters have decided to attend the annual Jane Austen Festival and it becomes the backdrop for their reunion. Alec shows up, as well, begging for Mia to take him back. He tells her what they had was magical and he's always loved her. She proceeds to slap him. When she informs him that he has a son, he has no interest in having anything to do with him. Both sisters meet someone who they fall in love with and have the happy ending with.

The book was good, but I still like  Dreaming of Mr. Darcy better. Alec was the character you wanted to slap silly and loved it when Mia did it. Sarah stays as OCD as ever, but meets and falls for a fellow sufferer. I felt Mia was a little immature and too vocal at times, but I loved how she falls for an older man who is a widower.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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