Just Say Yes

June 1, 2012

Just Say Yes
By: Phillipa Ashley
356 Pages

Lucy Gibson barely knows Nick Laurentis—aside from in the biblical sense—when he proposes in front of 10 million people after winning a British reality TV competition. An overwhelmed Lucy declines, and media hell ensues. Lucy’s closet friend, Fiona, spirits her off to a cabin she owns in a seaside town outside London where Lucy meets Josh Standring, who owns the nearby cabins. To spare Lucy the nightmare of further media exposure, Fiona tells Josh that Lucy is a merchant banker who has suffered a minor meltdown. Josh has a girlfriend and Lucy has just about given up on love, but the two are drawn to each other. Will her real identity scare him off?--bn.com

I enjoyed Just Say Yes. It was a fun read. I didn't like Nick, however. I still don't understand why Lucy questioned her actions for as long as she did. He was a jerk from the get go and there was no reason in the world why he would've expected her to say yes to a proposal considering their relationship was mostly a sexual one. The way he turned on her the moment things didn't go his way should've been the biggest red flag of all. I felt the time she wasted feeling badly over her turning him down was a waste.

Meeting the sexy Josh Standing was where my loins got involved in the story more. I waited with baited breath for their first kiss. And then I waited for their first... Well, you know. Josh is the guy with the juvenile delinquent past who makes good as an adult. He was the perfect guy for Lucy. His heart was pure. When you first meet this hot character, he's dating the bitchy Sara. I was hoping they'd split sooner, but it was worth it when it did happen.

While the story had some slow parts, overall it's a good read. As with any book, there are characters you love to love, and those you love to hate. There is the happy ending, though you wish it didn't take so long to get there. A fun summer read.

Rating: Borrow From Library


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