Wallflower In Bloom

June 5, 2012

Summer Reading Selection!!! Grab this book on your way to the beach or pool! You will have a great time while getting a great tan!

Wallflower In Bloom
By: Claire Cook
257 Pages

I thought a great way to kick off the summer is with a book about a girl who takes control of her life and does something daring. Dierdre spends her life being her famous brother's assistant. She tends to his needs every hour of the day and got very comfortable doing so. However, when her brother catches her kissing an old college friend of his and pitches a fit, Deirdre has had enough. On the spot she quits. In a night fueled by chocolate milk mixed with vodka, Deirdre puts up a notice. She encourages her brother's numerous fans to vote for her to be on Dancing With The Stars. The girl who always blended in with her family is about to step out in a big way.

May you enjoy Deirdre and her journey. I was able to relate to her in so many ways. I loved her humor and the way she saw the world. I was so excited when she made that first step out of her brother's shadow. Everyone deserves to make their life theirs.


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