The Wedding Dress (Summer Reading Recommendations)

June 19, 2012

The Wedding Dress
By: Rachel Hauck
Recommended by: Betsey Brooks

I found it, the perfect book to take on vacation a trip or just to curl up with; it's a fascinating read. The story introduces you to the women whose lives are forever changed by a very unusual wedding dress. In fact the dress seems to be a gift meant for only these women. How the dress comes to each bride is a mystery.

The story starts with Charlotte Malone is the owner of an up and coming bridal shop. She has become engaged to Tim Rose after knowing him only a few months. Their wedding is coming up and she needs to find a wedding dress. the couple seem to be very busy and just don't get around to getting things done for their wedding. The engagement crumbles, but a strong bond continues between the two.  Life takes on a whole new purpose when Charlotte buys a mysterious old trunk with a lock that is welded shut. Charlotte begins the most wonderful adventure as she searches for the answers to the mystery surrounding the beautiful wedding dress  she finds in the trunk.

From the 1912 segregated city of Birmingham to the present day the stories of these amazing women will captivate you.  Emily, engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Birmingham, Taffy and ex slave seamstress with a gift from the Lord, Hillary married and widowed within months, Mary Grace a shop clerk  and Charlotte with an unknown father and no living family, are all linked together by the shimmering wedding dress. These women are smart, strong, courageous and not predictable. The twists and turns in their lives weaves a beautiful uplifting story.

This is a book I will buy and encourage others to purchase.  I think it is the kind of story one can read over and over, each time discovering something new. Thank you Ms. Hauck for such a refreshing inspirational story. I look forward to reading more of your books.


Sabrina on June 19, 2012 at 9:18 PM said...

This really sounds like a good book, I plan to read an excerpt of it to find out if I like the writing style.

Jen on June 20, 2012 at 4:14 PM said...

Sabrina- I hope you love it as much as my Mom did. I'm reading it now and am not wanting to put it down. Enjoy!

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