A Snowglobe Christmas

November 1, 2012

A SnowGlobe Christmas
By: Linda Goodnight & Lissa Manley.
224 Pages
Reviewed By: Betsey Brooks
I recently finished reading "A Snowglobe Christmas" by Linda Goodnight and Lissa Manley. Coming from the North East, these stories brought back wonderful memories of a small town Christmas. Both stories center around the weeks leading up to Christmas.  A Snowglobe is snuggled deep in the mountains of Montana. It has become well known for its picturesque setting and festive atmosphere. Every store, house, church and lamp post is thoroughly decorated for Christmas. Tourists from all over come to share in the town's Christmas Celebrations. From winter sports to charming stores the residents love Christmas and are pleased to share with the many visitors.

The first story Yuletide Homecoming, by Linda Goodnight, is the story of a young successful woman returning home to run the family business. Dana Caldwell is excited to have her daughter home and is looking ahead to retiring. Amy is just as excited to return home and help run "The Snowglobe Gift Shoppe". There is just one cloud hanging over this return and his name is Rafe Westfield, her ex-fiancee. But Amy has moved on and is anxious to celebrate the holidays with her Mom. Both mom and Rafe are about to shake up Amy's world in ways she never imagined. Will Amy leave again or stay in Snowglobe? God has all the answers she will need.
The second story A Family's Christmas Wish, by Lissa Manley, centers around Sara Kincaid and Owen Larsen. Both are single parents with three year old daughters. Owen arrives at "The Snowglobe Bed and Breakfast," owned by Sara, in answer to her emergency call concerning a big leak in her roof. Owen has brought his shy daughter Jane with him. Sara's daughter Mia is thrilled to see a playmate and whisks Jane off to the world of make believe.
With the girls happily playing Owen and Sara's attention turns to the leak. It turns out fixing the roof is going to cost a lot. Sara does not have the money. The holiday bookings were lost because of this leak . Owen has made plans to move out of town before Christmas so a job as involved as this will not fit into the one week he has left. God has other plans. The compromise that is finally worked out is almost too good to believe. When Owen reluctantly agrees to attend the town's Christmas Tree Lighting, he is surprised how much both he and Jane enjoy sharing it with Sara and Mia. A blizzard, prayers and a near fatal accident change Owen and Sara's life forever.
Both stories are a Christmas delight, uplifting and will put you in the mood for Christmas. So break out a cup of cocoa, settle into a comfy spot and drift into the charming town of Snowglobe.


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