Crossing On The Paris

November 13, 2012

Crossing On The Paris
By: Dana Gynther
3 women board the Paris on it's maiden voyage headed to the United States. The next 5 days will change their lives. Constance is going to France in the hopes of bringing her estranged sister home to help her ill mother get better. Going against her husband's wishes in traveling alone and unable to convince her sister to return with her, the once hopeful Constance boards the ocean liner feeling like a failure. Will her fate change on the journey home? Vera has spent more than 30 years of her life abroad and is finally returning to the States. Is her family ready? Why is she coming home after all these years? Julie is leaving her mourning parents behind to take a job working on the Paris. All of her brothers have died in The Great War and her parents never recovering from their devastating losses, Julie is hoping to find a better life aboard the ship. Will she?
Fans of historical fiction may enjoy this book. I found the storyline too slow moving, myself. However, maybe others won't. It was interesting to see the background of each character. Each story was captivating in it's own way. I just wish they had been told at a faster pace.
Rating: Borrow From The Library


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