November 13, 2012

By: Carole Rummage
Reviewed By: Debbie Hill

Laney is a gymnast awaiting her scores so she could make it to nationals, that's when her world came crumbling around her as she found out she lost her parents and autistic brother and now had to live with her aunt and uncle. While living there, she met Gabe: the handsome and friendly guy with this mystery disease that no one would inform her about. Being with him, she felt whole, she felt complete. After a death occurs in the town, Gabe and his family take off. Suspicious maybe? Well, that's when Laney finally comes to conclusion of what his disease is. Can she live with it? Will this be her happily ever after?

I admit, there are times in this book where I just could not put it down, it had the "it" factor where it just pulled you in. However, as much as I enjoyed this romance between the two, my favorite part was the relationship she had with her aunt and uncle. In the end, they all needed one another to help them fill an empty place in their hearts.


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