Angels At The Table

December 4, 2012

Angels At The Table
By: Debbie Macomber
240 Pages
Debbie Macomber has brought back her beloved Angels. Shirley, Mercy, and Goodness are back, and this time they have an angel they are training: Will. They take Will to New York City's Times Square New Year's Eve party where he inadvertently causes trouble. What could possibly happen when he has two strangers meet before they were meant to?
It's New Year's Eve and the party is in full effect at New York City's Times Square. Shirley, Mercy, and Goodness thought it was a good opportunity for Will to see the people he would be working with once he begins to answer prayers himself. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty when Will accidentally has 2 strangers meet. Lucie is in the process of getting her restaurant to open. Her mother has invested her life's savings into this venture and Lucie is feeling the pressure. Aren is a divorcee who has just moved to New York after taking a job at a newspaper. They bump into each other at midnight, share a kiss, and the connection is instant. Aren tells her that if she would like to pursue a relationship with him, to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building in a week. On her way to meet him, Lucie's diabetic Mother is taken to the hospital after a fall. Lucie never makes it.
A year later has Lucie's restaurant open and widely successful. Aren is restaurant critic writing under a pseudo name. Anxious to right the wrong he name, Will and the Angels go to Earth to help things along. On the night Aren reviews Lucie's place, they all add a little extra of things to the food. It backfires and he gives the restaurant, and the chef, a scathing review. Lucie has no idea Aren is the reviewer and Aren has no idea the restaurant is Lucie's.
Once the two meet again, things pick up where they left off. However, reality hits Aren first. He lives in a constant state of fear for what will happen when Lucie finds out he was the one behind the horrid review. Eventually the truth is discovered and Aren's fears become truth. Lucie breaks it off with him. Good thing 3 Angels and a trainee are on the case.
The Angels are the stars of the book. They find a way to ruin a perfectly good meal, further complicating their jobs. They enjoy a Broadway show- until they decide to put their own "touch" to it. And I'm not saying who was responsible for taking a camel out for a mini walk amongst New York City, but it does happen.
Angels At The Table  is another delightfully charming Debbie Macomber creation. This book is a great Christmastime read. You will have a great time meeting the characters and laughing at the hi jinks these Angels get into. Curl up, get comfy, and see what happens when you read Angels At The Table.


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