Our Version of Elf on a Shelf

December 9, 2012

Many houses enjoy the Elf On A Shelf tradition. You buy the elf, give him a name, and he hides throughout your house. Adorable tradition, I have to say. Not so adorable was the price tag. I thought $30.00 was a bit much. So, my family improvised. 

Allow me to introduce to Dasher. His full name is Dasher the Dashing Reindeer. Much like the famous elf, Dasher loves to hide all over our house and my 2 girls love searching for him. My little Love bugs have a Grandfather who works at Bass Pro Shop and last year we got to visit him during the Christmas holidays. In the store, you can pick out a stuffed animal from a selection and have it filled. (Much like the whole Build A Bear set up.) We chose the reindeer since it was Christmas. It wasn't long before my creative side saw opportunity knocking on it's door, and Dasher the Dashing Reindeer was born. 

My girls immediately took to the whole idea. They LOVED him! My husband and I would hide him when they weren't looking and they would embark on a search. The giggles, smiles, and glee on their faces when they would find him was priceless. 

I worried they may have forgotten about him over the year, but I had nothing to worry about. When it came to putting up Christmas in our house, my oldest (6) was anxiously awaiting Dasher's appearance. My youngest (3) was quickly on board with the fun. In fact, that night slept with him.

Dasher the Dashing Reindeer has joined our list of beloved Christmas Traditions. I realize that one day my girls won't be as excited for his arrival. They may outgrow the whole hide and seek factor behind him. I'm not looking forward to that day and I hope it's several years away. For now, my household loves having Dasher as part of our Christmas memories.


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