Christmas At The White House

December 1, 2012

Christmas At The White House
By: Jennifer B. Pickens
Christmas is that special time of year when our lives get a little more sparkly and colorful. Stores decorate their windows and displays go from ordinary to amazing; homes get decked out with decorations of all kinds. The White House is no exception when it comes to Christmas decorating spirit. Christmas At The White House takes you behind the scenes to see how the most wonderful time of the year comes to the most famous house in the country.
Within it's pages, you'll learn how some the most beloved White House traditions were started. Find out which Presidency (mostly the First Lady) is responsible for introducing the Candlelight tours, the gingerbread house, and others. You'll get to learn how the Official White House Christmas Tree is chosen, and which President even dressed up as Santa himself.
This book is packed with wonderful tidbits from each Presidency it covers. I loved reading how Jacqueline Kennedy had American Citizens submit ornaments that were put on the trees on the first 2 floors of the White House. Or how, during the Ford years, the ornaments were handmade by the family. In fact, they even printed up instructions to pass out so families around the country could do the same since the economy was so bad at the time.
Christmas At The White House was a treasure and joy to read. I loved it!


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