Live by Mary Ann Rivers (The Burnside Series #1)

January 21, 2014

While looking for new books to review, I thought romance seemed like a perfect read! This is a first in its series and I honestly can't wait to see how the series unravels! While reading this book, I found myself smiling, laughing, tearing up, and having my emotions run in circles!

 There are 2 main characters:

Destiny (or most call her Des) – has lived in Ohio all her life, a ginger haired girl with loads of freckles. She has 3 siblings, her mom passed away a while ago, and her father recently passed away. She’s unemployed, and to top it off: her sister is very sick and hasn’t recovered since an accident she was in. 

Enter Hefin Thomas from Wales. He is oh so dreamy and such a gentleman! I would love to talk to him just so I can hear his accent. Hefin is a woodcarver and has been in the US for about 6 years now, and though he has been divorced for some time, he still has emotions about his ex wife and the relationship they had together. After his current job at the library is completed, he plans on returning to Wales to see his parents who he misses, and eventually move to Beijing to resume the work field he was in. I completely fell for Hefin: from the way he spoke to Destiny, the way he thought of her, and the way he had such a sweet tooth: sugary tea, chocolate biscuits, and donuts!

Prior to actually meeting and talking with one another, they mostly stole glances at one another while neither one of them was looking. While having an emotional breakdown at the library, Hefin finally approaches Destiny. From that moment on, they continue on this whirlwind romance. The healing process for each of them was beautiful. It definitely was a journey about love for both of them. Love in its many forms: where you come from, where you’re going, and who you meet along the way to help you.

I loved all the characters of this book, and I anticipate reading the rest of the books and how it unfolds!


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