The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

January 16, 2014

This is the 2nd book I read by Mary Ann Rivers and it didn't disappoint! I literally read this book in 1 day, a nice short quick and easy read!

Simple definition of a Story Guy: Somebody that makes a big bookmark in your life. That definitely was the case for Carrie West, a local librarian. One Tuesday morning at 4 AM, Carrie was looking through the personal ads for her enjoyment and there was one that struck her fancy: a guy (Brian) whose intentions were very straightforward and honest. His ad sought someone who would be interested in meeting up on Wednesday's at lunchtime for an hour of kissing. Only Kissing. Carrie was intrigued and immediately responded, knowing there was a chance that some other lucky lady filled that position already. Surprisingly he responded promptly and was interested in meeting up with her, even though he didn't bother asking for a picture or a name.

On the first Wednesday of meeting up, their chemistry was off the charts! The way Mary Ann Rivers described their kisses was perfectly detailed which draws you into the story even more. However, Carrie is a little saddened when Brian decides to meet up the following Wednesday instead of sooner. She can't stop thinking about him! As time goes on, Brian's walls he's built up to protect himself slowly comes down and he lets Carrie into his life. She finds out information about his family, and his past relationships (so-to-speak) and how sweet and good hearted he really is. He really knows the definition of being selfless and she loves that about him.

This story definitely left me feeling very happy for the characters! It also makes me want to check out the personal ads myself to see if I can find myself a Brian haha I look forward to reading more stories written by Marry Ann!


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