A Book Lover's Adventures in Potty Training!

October 1, 2012

Well, my youngest is potty trained. That's right, mini- book lover is officially a big girl now. It was a long journey that wasn't without a few bumps and laughs, but we got there. Allow me to share this adventure with you. Because you all really want to know. Lol.

Early on, Mini Book Lover decided she didn't want to use the potty training toilets. No, only the real thing was going to do for her. So, we thought we'd get a little seat to put on the big seat so she wouldn't fall in. She had her own thoughts on that, as well. She would have none of it. Bare tushie on the real toilet seat was the only way it was going to work for my littlest Love bug. If there was a seat on, she would promptly remove it. Okay then.

She was fascinated with the events in the toilet bowl once she started making donations to it. She would whiz around and make sure she really did something. Of course, in her eagerness to double check things, she would forget she's on the big potty. There were a couple of fall ins. I won't lie- they were funny. Thankfully, she learned quickly not to do that.

My youngest also felt that when she was done, she would wipe herself. Everyone else wipes when they finish, so why not? Well, there's a good reason why not. That's right, she plugged the toilet with her overly generous use of toilet paper. Daddy came to the rescue and she was grounded from wiping herself until later.

Another fun thing she did while mastering the art of potty donations was creating her own game. You've all heard of musical chairs. Well, my youngest plays musical potty. You guessed it! She'll climb on one and then decide she wants to use a different one. Or, there would be one toilet for #1 and another for #2. Sure enough, she'd bless both toilets with her tushie contributions.

After all is said and done, my beautiful 3 year old Love bug is potty trained. She doesn't even wear pull-ups at night. She has her big girl underwear that she picked out and is rather proud!

Mini Book lover: Mommy, am I pooh-pooh trained.
Me: Yes, honey, you're potty trained.
Mini Book lover: No, am I pooh pooh trained.
Me: Yes, my Little Love Bug, you are. :)


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