A Patchwork Christmas

October 12, 2012

A Patchwork Christmas Collection
Reviewed By: Betsey Brooks
A Patchwork Christmas Collection features three inspiring stories. In these stories you see how the making of a quilt can be a scrapbook of life. As life weaves it's happy and unhappy events into the fabric of their lives you watch their faith and strength grow. Although the women's lives are completely different, their desire and need for God's guidance is the same. Their journey to find the joy and peace that only God provides gives the reader much to ponder.
Seams Like Love by Judith Miller
Karla Stuke bears the scare of an engagement broken by a cheating fiance and she has put a thick wall around her heart. Frank Lehner was a childhood friend who has returned to the "Community" to be an apprentice pharmacist. But that is not his only goal. His love for Karla as a friend has matured into the love of a man for a woman. Now he must figure out a way to convince Karla he is worthy of her trust. Both look to God for guidance, but is Karla willing to hear what God's will for her is? Will this Christmas be different than the last one? Only God knows.
A Patchwork Love by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Jane McClare finds herself a penniless widow with a young daughter to raise. Desperate times require desperate measures. Jane answers an add in a local newspaper and a relationship with a Mr. Howard Higgins develops. After a short visit to meet Jane and Molly, Mr. Higgins sends them train tickets to come and spend a Christmas holiday with him. Molly does not like him and claims he doesn't like her either. Jane's desire to provide a secure future for her daughter leaves her no choice. But God has his own plans for Jane and Molly. As the train travels west, a blizzard moves east. The train is stopped by a wall of snow and a raging blizzard. Meanwhile the little cough Molly started out with turns critical. Jane finally realizes only God can help them. Out of the blizzard comes a sleigh bringing more help than anyone can guess. Is settling for a life with Mr. Higgins what God really has planned or is there a happy loving life waiting else where?
The Bridal Quilt by Nancy Moser
Both Ada and Samuel had no doubt they were in love and marriage was in their future. It was the Christmas Social Season in New York City and they were pare of the elite social circle. Parties, balls, trips to the theater and lots of shopping was their world. This year both of their families were waiting to celebrate the engagement when Samuel finally proposed. Samuel loved Ada, but he just couldn't get the words out. He didn't know why he was having such a hard time so he prayed "Show me your will, O Lord". Samuel didn't hear an answer. Meanwhile Ada had been working on a marriage quilt which was a chronicle of her life. She was looking forward to adding the blocks representing her engagement and the events leading up to her wedding. While out for and evening with "the guys" Samuel rescues a little girl who was being beaten. Ada's brother is a doctor so Samuel brings the child to their house to be helped. When he returns the child to the slums he Samuel discoverers God's real purpose for his life. A year later Ada comes face to face with an unconscious Samuel as he lay in the street. God's will for their lives slowly emerges bringing surprises and change to Samuel, Ada and both of their families. Only God knew where the next Christmas would find each of them.
I would recommend this book to anyone looking to curl up and enjoy a good read. Each story features wonderful characters in unusual situations . I found myself sorry when each story ended. I will definitely look for more books written by these authors. Truly a book filled with the Christmas Spirit. Enjoy!


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