Peaches For Father Francis

October 2, 2012

Peaches For Father Francis
By: Joanne Harris
458 Pages
Vianne receives a letter from a long dead friend. In it, Vianne is asked to go back to Lansquenet. Trouble is brewing and Vianne is the one who can set things right. Vianne and her 2 girls honor the request and find their former stomping ground a village divided. Another culture has moved in and one of the women in it is not well liked. Her schoolhouse (Vianne's former chocaltaire) is burned. The village priest, Father Francis, is being blamed for it, though no evidence can support the gossip claims. Can Vianne do as her friend asked and set the village right again?
I loved Chocolat. It was a magical, interesting, mystical read that I couldn't put down. The sequel to the book, The Girl With No Shadow, wasn't as good. Sadly, I can't say this book brings back what the original has. I found none of the charm and magic that drew you in I was able to find in Chocolat. What I did find was a story that seemed to move slowly and not an enticing storyline, at that.
While the curiosity factor kept me longer, I eventually stopped caring what happened to the characters I once knew and missed. I thought the story was finally going to start moving faster when Father Francis rescued Alyssa from her botched suicide attempt, but nothing. I got confused with all the new characters and how they were connected. I also had a hard time remembering some of the older characters from the first book.
It was with a heavy hand that I threw in the towel on this book. Having loved the first book in the series, I welcomed the chance to visit the old village. I hope that other Joanne Harris fans have better luck with the book than I did.
Rating: Borrow From Library?Buy It & Return It 


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