Garment of Shadows

October 16, 2012

Garment of Shadows
By: Laurie R. King
260 Pages
Laurie R. King brings back one of fiction's most beloved characters- Sherlock Holmes. This time, he doesn't have his usual sidekick, but someone else: Mary Russell, his wife. 
Sherlock and Russell were supposed to meet at a certain place, at a certain time. However, when Holmes checks into the chosen hotel, he discovers his wife isn't there. What's more, she's been missing for a few days. While it may not have been cause for concern with the moving production she was with, red flags go up for Sherlock. Thoughts turn to action when he receives a note. Holmes soon sets off on a journey to find his missing wife.
Russell has just woken up in a room she doesn't know. Nor does she know how she got there, where she is, or who she is. Inner instinct kicks in and she leaves, doing everything she can to avoid being caught by the police. Flashbacks randomly hit her, but don't return her memory. She only knows she needs to find the Sorcerer's Clock. Both Sherlock and Russell find themselves in Morocco, trying to get answers. Civil War is brewing rapidly and they are surrounded by danger.
I started Garment of Shadows looking forward to an adventure. I wasn't a reader of the famous detective, but was curious to meet this new update to him. The book started off with the action and kept it that way with a great pace. However, I got confused and lost among all the political stuff and characters. I know very little about Morocco, which didn't help. I think long-time fans, who grew up with Holmes, would be very interested in this book. It's the most recent book in a series the author has written with Holmes and Russell. I would be interested in reading the first of this series.


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